What Sets us Apart

Swat Relief Initiative is unique because we make every effort to ensure that our work is effective and follows the ideal concept of charity:

  • We pledge that 100% of all donations will go directly to helping improve the lives of the poor in Swat. We maximize the effectiveness of donated funds by maintaining an all-volunteer workforce at the organizational level, and by financing all overhead costs, such as transportation, advertising etc, from the personal funds of the founding members

  • Targeted Aid – Most NGOs give aid to those who most aggressively seek it, however, our volunteers go door-to-door identifying the people who have the greatest need, and we target our aid to those people, whether or not they are able to come to us

  • Ethical Standards – We take ethics very seriously, and have a ZERO-tolerance policy for corruption. We monitor and scrutinize all funds to insure the most efficient utilization of donated money

  • Community Mobilization – We organize and mobilize communities to help themselves, so that, instead of making the recipients aid dependent, we teach them necessary skills to take their future into their own hands by strengthening education, economic development and democratic process at the grassroots level

  • SRI’s Founders spend three months of the year in Swat to personally supervise all our programs, and travel extensively to all the villages we work in to monitor our activities

100% of donations go directly toward programs for disadvantaged people. SRI's board members pay for all overhead costs from their personal funds