Katair Village Water Filtration Plant

Provision of safe drinking water is a major problem, as many people must now travel across long distances in search of reasonably clean water. Though the government has installed water supply schemes in many villages, few of them are functional. The main sources of water for people in SRI’s target project area are polluted streams and springs, but even these are in short supply, especially during winter. Another major problem is a lack of sanitation facilities. Most houses lack proper toilets, and wastewater ends up in the village streets. The situation is exacerbated in the rainy season because of poor drainage systems that cause streets to flood, leading to the spread of many waterborne diseases.

Our Village Development Organizations (VDOs) have put the highest priority on clean water projects such as Water Filtration Plants, Aquifer Hand Pumps and Comprehensive Water Supply systems. Details of these projects can be accessed from our Projects page. VDO members donate land to the project while SRI purchases the hardware, drilling and construction services. Labor is provided from the target village and paid for by SRI. The villagers continue to take responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities, which provide safe drinking water for miles around, saving hundreds of lives. See construction images of a water filtration plant in our Photo Gallery).

Current and future environmental initiatives include:

100% of donations go directly toward programs for disadvantaged people. SRI's board members pay for all overhead costs from their personal funds