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Swat Relief Initiative strives to improve the lives of women and children in Pakistan through healthcare, education, economic growth and a sustainable environment. This non-profit organization also empowers societies through community development, social mobilization and awareness programs to help them achieve a better quality of life.

From 2008 to 2010, the Swat Valley in Pakistan had three major successive catastrophes.  It began with a brutal Taliban takeover, followed by a massive refugee crisis during the resulting military conflict, and finally a devastating flood that brought further chaos to the region. This SRI summary video outlines the creation of our organization and some of our relief efforts relating to these disasters.  Since this video, Swat suffered a damaging earthquake in 2015.

The people of Swat are still suffering in the aftermath of these events, which caused massive destruction of infrastructure and human life.  While SRI started off as a relief organization, we have now transitioned into community development and have created programs designed to strengthen society and benefit the people of Swat. Our focus is on helping women and children — the most vulnerable and disadvantaged segments of society.

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100% of donations go directly toward programs for disadvantaged people. SRI's board members pay for all overhead costs from their personal funds